RFI New Orleans area

Hi. I need to visit New Orleans soon for ten days and will have two or three days spare to look for mammals. Can anyone suggest locations, guides methods or local specialties to look out for. I can travel I around a bit. I am from Australia and have seen only a few North American species. thanks.

  1. Curtis Hart 12 years ago

    I spent a bit of time in New Orleans, but didn’t do a whole lot of mammal watching. I did do OK at Fontainebleau State Park. I would recommend camping there and walking around with a spot light, or even a maglight. In about 3 hours on one night I saw several White-tail Deer, Raccoons, Opossums, Nine-banded Armadillos, a probable Swamp Rabbit, and two Southern-flying Squirrels. Seems like there were a few other things as well, but those would have been the best.
    I also went to Grand Isle State Park, where Swamp Rabbits were easy and we saw several Bottle-nose Dolphins at dawn. Neither of these parks are that great of an outdoors experience, just picking up campground species. Grand Isle may be closed due to oil, so check a head before you make the long drive.

  2. Author
    Malcolm Turner 12 years ago

    Campground species are new to me. I appreciate the tips and will give it a go.

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