• Morgan Churchill

    FYI, according to Mammals of the World 3rd edition, the Babirusa on the Togean island have been split from those on Sulawesi proper

    • Curtis Hart

      Thanks, I wish I’d put more effort into seeing them there then. I did see one female quite well, it looked the same as the others. I heard them quite often though.
      As a side note, does that reference recognize the Togean Macaque?

      • morganchurchill

        There is a Tonkean Macaque recognized from Sulawesi…could that be it?

        Also you can download the Mammals of the World 3rd edition online free if you type in the name on google. It’s the most recent taxonomic global taxonomic reference besides the 1st volume of the Handbook of the Mammals of the World series, although even then its growing out of date

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