Quick So Cal dog trip

I need a bunch of miles to keep my status with United so I booked a quick trip to LA 10/4-10/6. I’m going to Santa Cruz island on 10/5 and hope the Gray Foxes at the campground put in an appearance, then run up to Carrizo Plain NM and hope a Kit Fox does the same. Getting another look at the K-rats there, and maybe a Southern Grasshopper Mouse or something, would be a plus.

I’d welcome some company if anyone is in the area.

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  • curtisfrommichigan

    I arrive in Ontario CA, on the 5th at about 6:30pm. I have to work 9 to 5 on the 6th, but I was planning to get out to the Carrizo Plain that night. If that matches up at all, let me know.

    Curtis Hart

    curtisfrommichigan at yahoo.com

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