Memphis – swamp rabbits, etc

I’ll be in Memphis, Tennessee in early January and have 2.5 days to explore the area. I’d like to visit the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge  in Arkansas, as I’m working on a story about ivory-billed woodpeckers. But other than that, I have a rental car, no set plans and a lot of flexibility to explore Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, etc.

I’m particularly interested in swamp rabbits. Cotton and rice rats are other species in the area I haven’t seen. If you know of any nice natural areas, let me know.–Matt


  • Curtis Hart

    The closest place I know of for Swamp Rabbits is Big Oak Tree State Park, Mississippi Co, MO. They are much easier in the spring, but they do occur there. I’m sure there are better places closer, I just don’t know of them. Good luck,


  • John Fox


    A birder pal found a Swamp Rabbit while doing an Ivory-billed survey. It was “on or near the White River National Wildlife Refuge, Arkansas. There is a large dike that borders the White River and we happened to see it on the road (near a cattleguard) either at dusk or pre-dawn.” But he also said that was the only one and they drove the dike a lot.

    A three hour drive isn’t bad 🙂


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