Panama Canopy Tower mammal tour

Trip report of a new mammal focused tour based in the Canopy Tower (I wasn’t a participant and had nothing to do with it). 29 species, much better than I thought would have been possible.

Just me, or it seems like an increasing number of companies are offering mammal focused tours?


  • Coke Smith

    I stayed there way back in ’98 when they were still building the place. At that time it sure looked like it had great potential and so it does…. Mammal tours are they way to go! We’re more fun….

  • Curtis Hart

    The Pipeline Road is a great mammal place. They actually missed a few species that I saw a lot of. Collared Peccaries, Central American Woolly Opossums, and Nine-banded Armadillos, for example. You can camp out there for relatively cheaply if you’re on a budget.

    Curtis Hart

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