Red Pandas in China

Definitely a top ten mammal to see for me, and here is a report on a successful trip for them


  • Jon Hall

    I am extremely jealous. After wondering around Wawu Shan in the pouring rain for a couple of days and not getting close to a Red Panda I am now persuaded that I ought to go back. THanks for the report


  • Maurice Tijm

    Thanks for this post. This has always been my favorite mammal, now I know better and found out that it is everyone’s favorite. What a beautiful encounter. I keep in touch with the birdforum posts of this birder and really wish to go there some day.

  • Coke Smith

    I need to get over there! It’s a short flight for me but my only days off are during the Chinese holidays and you may as well stay in the pub on those days….nothing is out to be seen with all the yapping, littering throngs of tourists…

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