Thylacine video ?????

  1. tai haku 12 years ago

    I was thinking fox but then it started running in a rather weird manner…….

  2. andrewt 12 years ago

    Why isn’t it a fox?

  3. mattinidaho 12 years ago

    I’ve watched a lot of red foxes, and this one moves EXACTLY like a fox. The head movement, the gait, the tail…it’s a fox.

  4. Coke Smith 12 years ago

    The legs did appear to be a little long to be a fox – body a bit short (at least on one of the videos…) Not sure why there were some videos of cats in the selection… But there was one video of something eating in the grass that was sure intriguing! Wouldn’t it be cool!

  5. Scary Israel 12 years ago

    from that short clip there seems no doubt to me it is a red fox.

  6. Jon Hall 12 years ago

    OK, I think it must be a fox too looking at it again. It looks exactly like one at the beginning but there is something a little odd which I can’t quite put my finger on later on. Is it the shape of the tail?

  7. Bob Berghaier 12 years ago

    I vote for a fox as well.

  8. Jeroen Verhoeff 12 years ago

    Seems like a fox to me.

    I suspect it looks kind off strange because one of its hind legs seems not to be in order: he is limping. That is what makes it odd. The tail seems to thick for a thylacine, but thick enough for a wet or thin fox.

  9. Philippe 12 years ago

    Seems like a fox but……….
    The tail is special, not flexible as a red fox tail.
    It’ would be amazing if it is one.

  10. Scary Israel 12 years ago

    for those interested, this footage was taken at the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park in Victoria. And its still a red fox.

  11. vladimir dinets 12 years ago

    Of course it’s a fox, their legs always look longer when they are in summer coats, and the tail is way too long for a thylacine.

  12. Coke Smith 12 years ago

    I see one video that is clearly a fox but there is another one that is still very mysterious – the one with the Spanish Talk Show at the beginning and end.

  13. Scary Israel 12 years ago

    the Spanish one is a starving dog with some form of mange. You can clearly see the skin is hairless and the backbone is very visible. It looks absolutely nothing like a thylacine.

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