New Trip Report – Lynx in Bialoweiza, Poland

Steve Morgan and Phil Telfer were in Bialoweiza a week ago and saw a Eurasian Lynx. Steve’s report here

And now I am heading to Sri Lanka to look for Fishing Cats and Golden Palm Civets….


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  • Richard Webb

    Steve’s report provides lots of useful information on looking for Lynx in Bialowieza but a couple of additional comments may be useful. Unless the rules have recently changed you can drive many of the main tracks in the forest, at least in daylight, and in early May this can be worthwhile as Lynx are likely to be more active in daylight in part due to the shorter nights. We had great views on our second afternoon watching one walking along the track towards us for upwards of 20 minutes and at ranges down to 20 metres! I know others who have also been successful in early May although this may simply reflect the number of birders visiting the forest in May. Luck will inevitably be important but they can be seen. We only spotlighted along the main roads however and saw very little other than Eastern Hedgehog.

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