New Trip Report – Madagascar

I got back from Madagascar on Monday. And a report is linked here – 42 species of mammals in 12 days including Narrow-striped Mongoose, Giant Jumping Rat and Crowned Sifaka.

I have several more reports from others waiting and will upload them soon – sorry for the delay



  • Alan

    What a great trip and report Jon. Madagascar is THE dream destination for most of us. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • Bob Berghaier


    Great report. I studied lemurs in Ranomafana for Duke University for 2 weeks in Oct 89. Saw 8 species of lemurs, the ring-tailed mongoose and red forest rat. I believe that Loret was working there then as well. While there I wish I knew that ringtails were so close by.

  • Som Smith

    Great pictures Jon! Did you make the animals line up for you to see? Well done! We got to catch up with you.

  • Matthew Steer

    Your play-it-by-ear approach worked really well. We spent as many days in Madagascar as you, but with the itinerary pre-set to three locations we didn’t move on from Ankarafantsika even though we got pretty much all the lemurs in a day. So we need to go back another time for Kirindy!

    This article might explain why you missed the fossa:

    Reminds me of our experience looking for Red Panda in Langtang. All the trek agencies advertise it as an area to see them in, along with all the major guidebooks – but reading some scientific literature after the trip, the population was described as almost terminally reduced even fifteen years ago. I wonder when the last one was even spotted there.

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