New Trip Report – Madagascar

  1. Alan 12 years ago

    What a great trip and report Jon. Madagascar is THE dream destination for most of us. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. Bob Berghaier 12 years ago


    Great report. I studied lemurs in Ranomafana for Duke University for 2 weeks in Oct 89. Saw 8 species of lemurs, the ring-tailed mongoose and red forest rat. I believe that Loret was working there then as well. While there I wish I knew that ringtails were so close by.

  3. Som Smith 12 years ago

    Great pictures Jon! Did you make the animals line up for you to see? Well done! We got to catch up with you.

  4. Matthew Steer 12 years ago

    Your play-it-by-ear approach worked really well. We spent as many days in Madagascar as you, but with the itinerary pre-set to three locations we didn’t move on from Ankarafantsika even though we got pretty much all the lemurs in a day. So we need to go back another time for Kirindy!

    This article might explain why you missed the fossa:

    Reminds me of our experience looking for Red Panda in Langtang. All the trek agencies advertise it as an area to see them in, along with all the major guidebooks – but reading some scientific literature after the trip, the population was described as almost terminally reduced even fifteen years ago. I wonder when the last one was even spotted there.

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