Mating Jaguars in Pantanal

On a trip to Brazil’s Pantanal in Sept 2010 I was most fortunate to see Jaguars mating in the Cuiaba River area out of Porto Jofre.  For 40 minutes I was able to watch a pair of Jaguars mate five times, right out in the open, on a sandbank of a river.  Unfortunately had some camera problems.  But still managed to get some photos of the Jaguars mating.  Also saw three other Jaguars on the trip as well as a young male Puma at a distance of only 10m !  Phil Perry, Swaziland :

Mating Jaguars

Jaguars snarling at each other moments after mating

Jaguars mating at night on river sandbank

Male Jaguar drinking after mating

Female Jaguar on riverbank

Male Puma at night, brought to within 10m using call of female puma in heat



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