Mammal watching in the Carpathian mountains.

Hi all.

Has anyone tried Mammal watching in the Carpathian mountains, Romania? I know Naturetrek do a wolf, bear and lynx trip there. I’m doing it independently in June. If anyone has any advice on the mammals (or any other wildlife) I’d much appreciate it.




  • Stefanie Lahaye

    Hi Steve,
    I’ve been there in 2009. We really liked Romania, it’s a great place. We rented a car and drove from Bucharest to Retezat national park. We also visited the region under Brasov (Bucegi mountains) and the Danube Delta. Overall we weren’t too successful with the mammals. We didn’t have a spotlight (it was taken away on the airport in Brussels) and we went for the wrong strategy to improve our chances of seeing many of the species. We did see European souslik and a brown bear (but at a garbage bin – it still was a thrilling experience though!). I’ll write up some information this weekend and mail it to you. We got some useful information from this book: “Romania – A bird watching and wildlife guide” by James Roberts.

    • ipswichlister


      Thanks for your quick response; I look forward to your information and I’ve just ordered the book you recommended. I presume your brown bear was in Brasov? I think checking the bins there will be a back up plan but I’m hoping we’ll see one in the wild. I’m rather concerned about you having your spotlight taken off you! Did they give a reason?

  • Stefanie Lahaye

    We indeed saw the bear in Brasov and it was also for us only the back up plan. We’ll have to get back there soon to sort out plan A as well!
    As for the spotlight, we had this kind of spotlight that has an internal battery which you can’t take out. As we found information on the website of the flight company stating that all batteries should be taking into the cabin, we decided to pack the spotlight as hand luggage. Unfortunately the security people thought that the spotlight might be used as a “weapon” to smash someone on the head or so. It was very unfortunate, but there was no reasoning with those people (as if a bottle of whiskey you buy in the transit wouldn’t make a nice weapon as well then..)

  • Steve Babbs

    I’ve got the book now but, if you do get chance Stefanie, I’d be very grateful for that information.



  • white1985

    Hi Steve,
    Can you give me your email address?

  • Marian

    Hi Steve,

    I am from Romania, I love nature and I spend a lot of time into the wild. I am also a member of SOR (Romanian Ornithological Society).
    I think I can give you some advices about Romania, (not only about the wild side).
    If you are interested, please write me an email at


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