Bat workshop on Crete, 9/2011

This was posted on the SBDN listserve, thought it might be of interest. It sounds like a non-professional can participate, and a fairly spouse-friendly mammal trip.

The reference to a sonic lure is new to me.

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If anyone is interested in our survey workshop email me and I will send further details.

Bat Survey Workshop SW Crete, Greece 21st-28th September 2011

This trip offers an incredible unique opportunity to carry out bat research work in an idyllic place, in fabulous weather sunny dry days 70-84F, working with highly experienced UK bat researchers and based in a beautiful small coastal village Sougia in south-west Crete.

From previous work between 2004 & 2008 17 species of bats have been recorded some of which only occur in the eastern Mediterranean. The European free tailed bat is the most widely recorded species, but also found on this island are Rhinolophus blasii, Myotis capaccinii, Pipistrellus kuhli, savi and hanaki, plus Plecotus kolombatovici and macrobullaris.

Greater Mouse-eared bat workshop France2009

 During the 6 days of this bat survey workshop we will  be carrying out an inventory of bats in the southwest of Crete. By a combination of bat detector surveys, trapping at underground site entrances and at ponds, over streams and in wooded gorges and roost visits mainly to underground sites, as Crete has over 2000 caves.

The workshop cost includes full board in a hotel with breakfast, lunchtime meal at a Taverna and picnic lunch in the field in the evening. The cost also includes hire car and fuel, ferry cost associated with the Samaria Gorge mini expedition, and any permits/ National Park entrance fees. Greena Eco will take all the relevant group equipment that is required.

The research participants will be carrying out include field surveys carrying out sound recordings in several different formats while on and attending trapping sessions in different locations each night, using triple high and single height mist nets, harp trap and a sonic lure. Day time sessions will incorporate post survey analysis of the recordings. There will be opportunities to see and, for those suitably experienced, handle a range of bat species, take photographs and make sound recordings as bats are released.

Note travel costs to Greece are not included, you have to make your own way to/ from Crete.

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  • Jonathan marriott

    I am listening on a bat detector in western crete and detect a lot of noise at around 37 oz. Can you tell me what bat it is likely to be

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