Tatras and Bieszczady (Slovakia & Poland)

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I will visit the Tatras and the Beskides (Slovakia & Poland) from 15th June until 5th July. Has anyone been in these mountains? I am particularly interested in carnivores (brown bear, wolf, lynx & wildcat), and in european bison & moose, which seems to roam free in the Beskides.




  • Jerzy

    I suggest asking on the English-speaking subforum of Polish nature forum forum.przyroda.org.

    Tatras and Beskides popular tourist and nature destinations in Poland and you should get a gen.

    Brown Bear is quite regularily seen in Tatras, and some are half-habituated. Wolf and lynx are shy, roam widely and difficult to see other than be chance. Tatras have also Chamois and Alpine Marmots. Beskidy have bears, wolves and lynxes, and maybe some Moose.

    Moose is quite common in Poland, but more in the lowland forests. Bison are locally in Bieszczady, that is east of Beskidy. Also popular mountains, but low, forested, definitely wilder and have largest populations of bear, wolf, lynx and wildcat in Poland.

  • nranc

    Thank you very much for the reply !

    I would like to focus the trip on the four carnivores + moose & bison. Unfortunately, it seems that none is easy to see in these areas…

    Bieszczady is indeed known for these very high densities, but few information is available on the places/timing. I think that both moose & bison are very localized there. If you have an idea on the suitable places, it would help a lot.

    Thank you again,


  • Jerzy

    Bison are in one area in S Bieszczady. Carnivores are widespread in Bieszczady. Two areas with good reputation for mammals are Otryt mountain chain and especially valley of San river along its southern slopes, and extreme SE area of Poland cutting between Ukraine and Slovakia.

  • phil telfer

    I went to Biescady for a few days in winter 2008 mostly to try and see Lynx. We did find many tracks of Wolf, lynx and bear sometimes all 3 on the same bit of trail so plenty around but difficult to see. You can drive the trails and spotlight at night but beware the hunting season. We saw a large herd of Bison.

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