New Trip Report – Lynxes in Sweden

Until a a week ago a pair of Eurasian Lynxes had been seen daily for 3 weeks or so near Stockholm, at a Great Grey Owl Site. I’ve uploaded a couple of reports from people who saw them. Wish I had. And as they haven’t been seen for a week it sounds like they may have moved on.



  • Steve Babbs

    Totally gripping. It’d be good if news like this spread more widely. Although I suppose there could be problems if too many people wan’t to twitch them.

  • Jon Hall

    Indeed – I heard a few days before they disappeared but was asked not to post by those who told me. And the animals disappeared after a weekend when there was a lot of disturbance so its tempting to imagine that was the problem. Basically I follow the rule if the information was given to me by someone else, and they ask not to make it public, then I respect that. I wish I had heard earlier too!

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