Takin vs Dhole

This is very cool… Vikram Singh from Wild World India sent me the following images taken by his friend and colleague Dhritiman Mukherjee on May 20, 2011.

They were in the Mishmi Hills in the state of Arunachal Pradesh when Vikram says ” I came across one of my most spectacular moments in the wilderness. A Mishmi Takin and calf were stalked by a lone Indian Wild Dog on a hill slope where the only escape route for the Takin was through a narrow path up, fiercely guarded by the Dog. We observed this confrontation at different times over two days and were not sure how long had this been going on before we managed to stumble upon it while scoping the hills for birds. We had to finally leave without knowing the outcome of this face-off. ”

That’s one plucky Dhole!

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  • Curtis Hart

    That is a great series of photos. Those are two great animals, and the extended interaction takes it over the top.


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