Help wanted with Bat ID


Sorry about the poor photo, but does anyone know what species this is? It was photographed flying out from under a bridge, in the Brazilian Pantanal.




  • vladimir dinets

    What size was it? If it was fairily large, it was a fishing bat. If it was small, probably Saccolaimus.

  • Steve Babbs

    Small – medium. It wasn’t a fishing bat, I’d just come from seeing hundreds of them. Since I posted this someone who is pretty experienced in Brazilian mammals has said it’s a Long-nosed bat Rhynchonycteris naso.

  • Jon Hall

    White-lined bats Saccopteryx sp. are pretty common out there and they often roost on tree stumps etc out in the open. Not sure if those white lines on the bat are real or some sort of blurring (and they also look a little bright to be the white lines of a white lined bat) but its a possibility

  • Steve Babbs

    The white-lines are real. I also thought they looked pretty bright compared to the illustrations in the field guide.

  • Manuel Ruedi

    this is rhynchonycteris naso, a common bat roosting under logs overhanging rivers, and often diurnal (when disturbed)

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