Evolutionary Tree of Life for Mammals Greatly Improved

Evolutionary Tree of Life for Mammals Greatly Improved
ScienceDaily (Sep. 23, 2011) — An international research team led by biologists at the University of California, Riverside and Texas A&M University has released for the first time a large and robust DNA matrix that has representation for all mammalian families. The matrix — the culmination of about five years of painstaking research — has representatives for 99 percent of mammalian families, and covers not only the earliest history of mammalian diversification but also all the deepest divergences among living mammals.


  1. VladimirDinets 11 years ago

    would be nice to see their tree… is it online yet?

  2. morganchurchill 11 years ago

    The link to the study is here, but not sure if you can get the study for free


  3. Morgan Churchill 11 years ago

    The tree is itself nothing new….going through the phylogeny most of the results are things we have known or suspected for awhile. A quick perusal only picks out a few oddities (camels as the earliest even-toed hoof mammals for instance?).

    The divergence dating however…is a bit funky. They have a divergence date for elephants at 7 mya, and 30 mya, which is way way too young. and a divergence date for rodents back into the cretaceous, which is way too old

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