I’m planning a trip to Finland at the beginning of June, next year.  My priority is wolverine.  I’ve read the reports on here, and Wild Brown Bear – where Mark Hows went – is appealing as it seems to have both regular brown bear and wolverine and it’s relatively close to Oulu, where I’ll be going owl watching.  However, although I’d really like to see brown bear, I don’t want to reduce my chances of wolverine too much and I’m wondering if this is a good a bet as other places, where bears aren’t so common?  Also I presume that I’d need to book two nights – rather expensive! – in case I dip the first night?  Or are they likely to have free spaces if I fail on my first attempt?

Any thoughts on the best place for wolverine or any other tips/comments on any other mammals in Finland would be much appreciated.



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  • phil telfer

    I heard last year they were getting wolverine about every other night at wild brown bear lodge so 1 night could be chancy.
    I went in 2006 and got wolverine on the 4th night in the hide. Ari Saschi who owns the lodge had plenty of space when i was there. He can also probably arrange an excursion north to look for flying squirrel though we failed to see any. lynx and wolf occur but rarely seen.

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