Mammals of the world checklist

There is an online checklist available for personal use at

It is a comma delimited list, Excel had no problem with it on my machine. Includes subspecies and lots of information. Just looking through a few marsupials I was a little surprised to see several species that are known only from the type locality.


  • Morgan Churchill

    As far as I know this is the most updated and recent worldwide checklist available (even if it dates to 2005)

    It’s a shame that there is not a worldwide mammal equivalent to IOC or the Clements bird checklists, which are updated annually.

  • florist in penang

    I agree with Morgan.Should be updated regularly.

  • Morgan Churchill

    For what it is worth, I have been attempting to construct a informal “” North American Region checklist for mammals, and trying to incorporate as many new findings as possible on mammal taxonomy, phylogeny and introductions. It’s in phylogenetic sequence, but so far I have gotten up to the voles. Probably will work on it again during the winter, when conference season is over and the weather drives most life from Laramie.

    • John Fox

      Hey Morgan

      A NA type of site would be great. Thanks, I’d be interested in seeing what comes of it.

      Vladimir Dinets is working on a guide to finding mammals in NA.

      I use Avisys for listing software and updated the mammal data set for NA as well as I could, there might be a couple missing. I put a copy of it at

      You have to scroll down. I have 450 on my checklist, it’s hard to know exactly what the right total is.

      And I agree that regular updates to the world list would be good.

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