New Trip Report – Kenya

I was in Kenya for a very good week last month and a trip report is here. Over 50 species including Golden-Rumped Elephant Shrew, Wild Dog, Black-fronted Duiker and Giant Forest Hog.

A report for Tanzania will follow soon.



  • Iñaki

    Hi Jon, I’ve just read your reports from Dzanga- Sangha and Kenya. In October 2010 I was with Rod Y Sangha Lodge and went to all the places you write about in your webpage, it is really an amazing place. I was lucky to watched both hogs and bongo, but not so many monkeys as you did.
    I lived in Kenya and I have to say that seen wild dogs in Aberdares is something you would consider as a once in a lifetime, I’ve seen them in Laikipia to the north, but in Aberdares is very strange, you were lucky.
    I like your web page, congratulations, I will visit it often.
    You can take a look in my blog about Dzanga-Sangha:
    It is in Spanish, but there are several pictures.

  • Jon Hall

    Thanks – I look forward to seeing your blog. Very jealous of your Bongos and RR Hogs. From what I can tell I think the mammals in Aberdares are recovering after the decline that followed the introduction of Lions. Maybe Wild Dogs will be more common there in a few years … maybe Bongos too… I hope!

    • Iñaki

      Well they have finished to fenced the park and there is an ongoing project to reintroduced and population reinforcement of the bongo that is working as well in Mount kenya, but still there are lions coming to Aberdares from some private conservancies as Solio and Ol Pejeta.
      About wild dogs they are tough animals and can keep running long distances, so I guess from south Laikipia (where there is a stable population) to Aberdares is not too long. Report to Rosie Woodroffe:

  • Vladimir Dinets

    I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard that both hirola and Ethiopian warthog are easier in Tsavo East nowadays.
    Awash in Ethiopia is certainly good for the warthog.

  • Jon Hall

    This comment comes from Bob Berghaier

    Great report. I agree with Inaki seeing AWD in the Aberdares is unusual but I would also add conservation ally significant as well. Did you report your sighting to the Park rangers?

    I have seen what are referred to as Somali dwarf mongoose, Gunthers dik dik and what appeared to be desert wart hog north of the Ewaso Ngiro River in 1995. The Samburu area is actually three different National Reserves – Buffalo Springs & Shaba south of the river & Samburu north of the Ewaso Ngiro. I have visite here in 79, 95, 2002 & 2004 with only the 95 trip north of the River

    The Ewaso Ngiro is/was a faunal divide although the recent low water level in the River may have an effect on this.

    Best Regards,


    • Jon Hall

      Thanks Bob – I did tell the rangers. A couple seemed interested… a couple didn’t. I am not sure how rare they are now in Aberdare. But I have told friends in WCS so hopefully if the news is important it will spread.

      I am checking my pictures of a dwarf mongoose (from south of the river) with people to see whether its one of the Desert flavour…. I live in hope. There was water in the river when I was there but I was told it runs pretty much dry quite often now so I think you are right that it might not be the faunal divide anymore that it may once have been.


  • Jon Hall

    THanks Vladimir

    Yes I think Hirolas are findable in Tsavo but I didn’t hear anything about the Warthogs there. I saw lots of warthogs in Awash but I thought they were just the regular kind… the IUCN don’t show aethiopicus them as being there …

  • Bob Berghaier

    Hello Jon,

    Glad to read that you contacted Dr. Woodroffe. i would be interested in what she has to say about this.

    I’m not surprised at the mixed reaction from the KWS rangers. That’s been my experience as well with them. Some enjoy what they do, for others it’s just gainful employment.

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