Looking for Irrawaddy Dolphins in Thailand

We are going to be in Thailand in early January and have a couple of spare days at the end of our trip. I would like to possibly try for the Irrawaddy Dolphins that are seen out of Bang Pakong. Has anybody ever done one of these trips? Do you know what the success rate for actually locating the dolphins are? And are there any recommended operators to use? I would prefer to go out with someone who knows what they are doing and affords us the best chance of actually seeing the dolphins. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any advice received!



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  • Vladimir Dinets

    I hope you get an answer from someone who’s seen them in Thai. But in case you don’t, I can tell you that in Orissa they are highly sedentary and reliable. Getting a really good view, however, might take a while. I would look for the operator who offers max time at the site.

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