Authoritative mammal checklist?

  1. Vladimir Dinets 11 years ago

    I use my own version for both mammals and birds, but in cases when I know nothing about the taxon in question and don’t have time to look up the primary literature, I usually follow IUCN.

  2. Steve Davis 11 years ago

    Hi Jon,

    We use Duff & Lawson ( Mammals of the World, a checklist ), but increasingly wish that there was an updated version ! Taxonomically it looks further and further out of date, as new literature is published.

    Cheers, Steve Davis & Karen Baker

  3. Cathy Pasterczyk 11 years ago

    Hi Jon,

    I also use Duff and Lawson and agree with the comments above.

    For birds I use Clements, mostly because that is what AVISYS uses.

    See and

    Cathy Pasterczyk

  4. Jurek 11 years ago

    I use Wilson & Reeder 2005, downloadable here:
    It has, among others, localities, very helpful.


  5. Morgan Churchill 11 years ago

    Like Jurek, I usually use MSW3 as a baseline, although I correct the taxonomy when needed

    There really isn’t no “standard” checklist for birds. Clements is the traditional standby but BLI and Howard and Moore are also used by some. IOC is increasingly popular, and is what I use

  6. Morgan Churchill 11 years ago

    For those with more specific interests, the Society of Marine Mammalogy recently has released a checklist for Marine Mammals, which will be updated regularly (probably every 2 years)

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