New Trip Report – Ethiopia

Richard Webb was in Ethiopia over Christmas and saw 43 species in 9 days including an Aardwolf and Bale Monkeys.

A trip report is here.


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  • Vladimir Dinets

    Ethiopian gray wolves visit the garbage bin at Bale NP headquarters at night. But they are tiny, and very difficult to tell from golden jackals.

    We saw a Somali wild as at Yangudi-Rassa NP in 2009, but it was very far away, and I thought it was a feral one because it was much more yellowish than the ones I’d seen in captivity in Hai Bar, Israel. Only later, when I saw such yellowish wild asses in Zoo Miami, did I realize that it was also a wild one.

    Interestingly, it took us a lot of effort to get a brief glimpse of oribi in Senkele.

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