Mammal News & Notes

Some stories/blogs that might be of interest to mammal watchers:

The global conservation site Mongabay often has mammal stories. A couple of recent ones: Pangolins imperiled by Internet trade and Miller’s grizzled langurs rediscovered in Borneo.  In the shameless self promotion department, Mongabay also did an interview with me as part of its series on environmental bloggers.

Mule deer origins: Interesting piece on mule deer genetics, and whether the black-tailed deer should be a separate species.

Camera Trap Codger: This is a great blog, well worth frequenting. Lots of good photos of unusual animals, often in California. Recent entries include fisher, Sonoma tree vole, mountain beaver and Trowbridge shrew. Lots of good stuff.

A couple of my recent columns: high fences and conservation and taking kids tracking for wildlife.



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