Tourism banned at India’s tiger reserves

India bans all tourism in tiger reserve “core areas.” 

This Wall Street Journal article explains what that means for many of the popular parks.

In short, there will be almost no tiger viewing at many of the best reserves, including Kanha and Ranthambore. It’s an outrageously bad idea for conservation. It is no coincidence that tigers in India exist where tourism exists. This may hasten the end for wild tigers. Sad. 


  • Coke Smith

    While I will definitely be the first to scream that there needs to be more regulation of the tourism in India (and east Africa for that matter – things are a shamble here…), this is a stupid ruling that is nothing short of a knee-jerk reaction to a problem that needs some serious thought…I hope the word “temporary” is true…

  • europesbig5kej

    As I’ve a Felidae tour with my agency later on this year…it seems the issue is for the parks in central India to establish their zones and then one hopes it should be sorted.

    It won’t be in their best interest to leave it unsorted, so I’m sure this will get resolved. At the moment tiger parks are closed. They open 1st of Oktober… Jan Kelchtermans –

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