Short Vancouver Island Trip Report

Vancouver Island Trip Report (Incl. Columbia River Gorge)

After having posted the question on the mammal watching blog about the NorthWest I did spend a little bit of time up there, mostly visiting friends, and a little mammal watching.

Here is my trip report which includes a short, 9 species list, of which the highlights are grizzly bears, sea otters and a long-tailed weasel.


  • Jon Hall

    Nice work. Am I now the only person interested in mammals who has not seen a Long-tailed Weasel!? Grrrr. I don’t know if you tried this Tomer, but mustelids are generally curious and if you make a squeaking/kissing noise (with your lips against the back of your hand) then it sounds like a injured rabbit or rodent, and the martens or weasels will often come back out of the bushes to check it out. Don’t know if it works for LT Weasels, as I’ve never seen one 🙁

  • tomeslice

    Lol, I hope you see one soon!
    I also did not know about this trick but now that I do I will definitely use it in applicable situations!
    Yeah I was very excited about the encounter with the LT weasel since its only the 2nd weasel I’ve ever seen. The first one was here in Missouri, on a float trip with a couple of friends, and we actually spent some time watching it clearly from a few feet away but I didn’t know much about mammal species 7 years ago so it could have been a least weasel or a mink (or a long-tales weasel, though I don’t recall it having a long tail)

    Anyway I’m glad someone is actually reading my poorly grammetically structured trip reports, as I’m trying to pour out all my info and my thoughts on the experience into as few pages as possible. Haha.

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