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Hi All!  As part of the summer planning, Tunisia keeps popping on to my head.  Keeping in mind Jon’s fantastic trip there a few years back, I would like to do a similar trip, but I am getting no response back from Becasse-Ecologie and am thinking they are no longer in operation.  Does anyone have a good contact that can assist in a trip similar to the one Jon posted here on Mammalwatching.com?  I am thinking the political situation had shut down the travel situation there but perhaps the country is coming back to life?  Thoughts on this would be appreciated as well.  Cheers, Coke


  • Romain

    We plan to go to Tunisia during Chrismas hollidays. We have possibily to rent a four whell, with driver, with real golf travel (realgolf@topnet.tn) the only compagny who answered us. No response from Becasse.
    Finally, I think we just rent a car and go by ourself, is less expansive
    I send a new message when we come back in january.
    Have good time ( sorry for my english !!)

    Bye, Romain

  • PandaSmith

    Thanks Romain! Your English is great! I will look forward to hearing how your trip goes in January. Cheers.

  • Jon Hall

    Coke, just got a message from Steve Davis in the UK who is currently organising a christmas trip to Tunisia with Becasse. They are writing to this email address becasse@planet.tn .. who are you writing to? Maybe you should call…


  • Romain

    Hi, we’ve just arrived from Tunisia !!

    We used real golf travel tour for the trip: http://www.tunisiarealgolf.com/ .
    Our guide, Karim, wasn’t a nature’s guide but in the park the rangers know the good places to see the different types of animals, and Karim was very helpfull.
    And now Karim knows all the roads to go into the different parks.
    We finally have an answer from La bécasse but it’s too late for us.

    Have good time in Tunisia


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