Madagascar Mora Mora

Hi Folks,

Jon has kindly set me up with an account. So hopefully this will be the first of many posts. So a little about me. My name is Jo and I’ve been a regular contributor on Safaritalk and bird forum amongst other places.

I have been lucky enough to travel a fair bit in recent years. I have a general interest in all wildlife, but particularly mammals and birds. I thought as a start I would provide the link to my most recent trip report which I am in the process of writing up “Madagascar Mora Mora“. I think you will like it, there are lots of mammals, plus a good representation of the birds and herps too. Stay tuned for further updates over the coming days..

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  1. Jon Hall 9 years ago

    Hi Jo, great you can start posting here. Look forward to hearing about your trips. I already linked your Yellowstone report to the site – you saw heaps in just 6 days.

  2. Author
    kittykat23uk 9 years ago

    Thanks Jon, glad to be here. Yellowstone truly exceeded my expectations for animal sightings and interactions. In particular I will not easily forget the black bear catching and eating a squealing baby elk right in front of a crowd of onlookers, nor the scope views of the Lamar pack digging up a den of coyote pups! Just amazing! Such a cheap place to visit comparatively speaking too.. Sadly the Yellowstone wolves have come under fire now that they have been de-listed. The first wolf I saw has since been shot illegally outside the park and three more from the Lamar pack, including another of the ones I watched, were recently killed (legally this time I believe) by hunters when they left the park boundaries. 🙁

    But back to Madagascar, I have updated with Day 5- “I don’t do mountains!”

  3. […] Madagascar Mora Mora ( […]

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