New, Genetically Distinct Lion Population Found

  1. Vladimir Dinets 10 years ago

    Interestingly, the fact that Ethiopian lions are distinct is frequently mentioned in older literature, but it became kind of forgotten recently. The best places to look for these lions are Babele Elephant Sanctuary and Awash NP, especially the NW part of the latter. I saw one lion and tracks of another while studying crocs there. BTW, rumor has it that most of the park is now closed for visitors – you might want to check on before going there. Lions are also present in Bale Mts., but I haven’t heard of any sightings.
    There are supposedly lions in Garamba NP as well, but they are probably of East African subspecies.

  2. Coke Smith 10 years ago

    THere are some resident lions in Awash. We didn’t see them but the rangers did see them this past summer from what I understand.

  3. Jean-Marc Lernould 10 years ago

    Have a look at
    There is a photo of lions in Harenna Forest.

    Also a photo taken in Kaffa

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