• John Fox

    Nice Matt, thanks for putting that up.

    I googled that critter to a standstill a couple years ago. Except for a mention by Vladimir about a place, there is no gen on where to try for them that I could find.

    However, the landowners guide on the main page says:

    “Are New England Cottontails Found in Your Area?
    First, determine whether your property is located within the historical range of the species.If so, contact your local state and federal wildlife agencies (see Appendix A) for a map of
    sites where New England cottontails have been documented recently—are you located near any of these sites?”

    What are the odds of getting a look at that map, you figure? Jon Hall is really good at getting info from people, me not so much.

    At any rate, if anyone wants to make a long weekend kind of try for it I’d make an effort to do it.


  • kittykat23uk

    It’s good that some organisations are trying to do something about the decline of this species. I think lagomorphs get overlooked generally when it comes to conservation priorities.

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