New Trip Report – Sri Lanka

A last trip report for 2012, is this incredible trip to Sri Lanka on a tour Fiona Reid organised. Other than South Africa I am not sure I know anywhere where you can see 61 species in 2 weeks. And – as a proportion of the species in the country – this is also amazing, as it saw something like 60% of all the species recorded in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, 2012: Fiona Reid, 2 weeks & 61 species! A record breaking trip which had both Rusty Spotted and Fishing Cats, all the squirrels, Porcupine, Sloth Bear and Bryde’s and Dwarf Sperm Whales.

I am heading toi Sulawesi tonight to meet up with Coke and Som Smith and hopefully some Babyrusas.

Happy Christmas, happy new year and happy everything!


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