New Trip Reports: Sichuan and Nicaragua

I’ve just added two interesting reports to

Nicaragua 2013: Fiona Reid Batwatch Tour, 8 days & 48 species on a great tour that included some stuff rarely recorded on trips, including some cool bats and rodents and, best of all in my opinion, a Water Opposum. Has anyone else seen one of these … if I remember right a Water Opposum is one of the first mammals to appear in the BBC’s “Life of Mammals” and I have been fascinated every since.

Sichuan, 2013: Coke Smith, 3 days & 10 species including Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Takin, Goral and Tufted Deer.



  • Israel

    wait, so Foping is now closed?! Maybe that’s why I haven’t got any replies to my emails!!

    I’m told Labahe is also closed now as well.

  • PandaSmith

    Yes all the panda tracking locations are closed permanently. They’ve shut down the entire operation tight. There was a controversy here regarding the foreign tourists eco-terrorizing the pandas and the response was to stop permitting the activities. Very sad. Panda tracking is most likely a thing of the past but coming across one by chance in places like Tangjiahe may still be an option but it would be much, much less likely to see one in the wild this way.

  • Israel

    what a shame. Tangjiahe is on my list as well though, so I’ll just cross my fingers…..

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