Andean cat (Leopardus jacobitus)

Hello everyone.
I‘m planning a trip to Chile and Argentina, and
knowing the ultra high difficulty of observe this animal in the wild, i appreciate any information about companies or guides who can guide me to track and try to observe this fascinating animal.
A greeting and thank you very much at everyone.



  • tomeslice

    I see that nobody responded yet.

    I don’t think there’s much info on that species, but according to Vladimir Dinets, Laura National Park in Chile is “pretty good” for Andean cats. There’s a lot of good info about cats in general on his website

    I hope that helps.

  • vnsankar123

    Apparently they’re seen occasionally at night by spotlighting along roads in Lauca. The road through the mountains from putre is good for huemul, but it is tricky and needs luck. I hear Andean cats are easier in Salar de Surire national monument, where tour groups, researchers, and visitors have seen them in the past. Try spotlighting around here where youre more likely to get lucky with a sighting.

    • vnsankar123

      I meant Taruca (Northern Huemul) as opposed to just Huemul. I agree that they’re reasonably easy to see on the roads near Putre as well as Guanaco I think. Andean cats are difficult here and easier near Salar de Surire.
      Cheers and sorry for the confusion

      • vnsankar123

        Look at this tour company page:
        They photographed an Andean Cat at Salar de Surire. Apparently often seen here at dawn and dusk and at night.
        On a side note, I have seen Patagonian Weasel in western Santa Cruz Province in the plains from a road very early in the morning (very luck) – can’t remember the road name though.
        All the best and good luck

  • juantasugo

    tomeslice, vnsankar123;
    Thank you very much for your answers. They are of great value to me.
    Best regards, and again thank you very much.

  • tomeslice

    No Problem! BTW I meant “Lauca national park” but my phone changed it to Laura. just to clarify

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