• Mike Richardson

    Paul – having just returned from a similar trip to Arizona is was good to compare notes. Obviously you got some things I missed and vice versa. Interestingly I also managed to miss the Apache Fox Squirrel. Apparently numbers are greatly reduced at the C Nat. Monument since the big fire a year or two ago. High winds and the resulting dust storm also ensured I missed the White-sided Jackrabbit but I wasn’t spared the questioning by Border Patrol who appeared out of nowhere in three 4x4s. A Kit Fox would have been ample compensation. On the plus side the warmer weather did give me Western Diamondback and Sidewinder nearer Phoenix . Hopefully my report will be ready in the next week or so.

  • vdinets

    Missing the rabbit was really unfortunate. They are generally much more common further south, starting at Savannah NWR. Lake Woodruff NWR in Florida is probably the most certain place if you get there at dusk.

  • Cheryl Antonucci

    Thanks for the marsh rabbit info! If you heard the song you would agree that I deserved one. I am going to try again in the dismal swamp that reports them as well, but if I don’t see one next time I go to Florida I will check those places out.

    • Bob Berghaier

      Good Morning Cherly,

      I was just in the Outer Banks at Duck the first week of April. I have been going there that week nearly every year since 99. I always do at least 1 early evening and/or dawn drive on the Alligator Wildlife Drive. I started seeing black bears regularly there in 2007. I saw a big male feeding on soybeans the evening of April 09. I have never seen sign of red wolf but did hear howling one morning in 2000, although that may have been from a pack being held before being released so I have this as a may be on my mammal. The only other mammals I have seen in the Refuge are white-tailed deer. I was very surprised that you did not see marsh rabbit. I always see them near on Roanoke Island where Route 64 crosses the sound. I also always see them on Route 12 hearing north to Corolla on Pine Island which is a National Audubon Refuge. I have seen them most frequently in the late afternoons on the road side feeding on short grass. Saw them at both locations on my last trip. I saw my first muskrat in the sound this year. Have seen nutria, gray squirrel, cotton tailed rabbit & white-tailed deer on the Outer Banks. During the first years of visiting I used to always see both gray & red fox at night but not in recent years. Also used to see both species as road kill but no longer. Lots of road killed raccoons & opossums however.


      Bob Bergahier

  • C Antonucci

    Thanks for the marsh rabbit info Bob! If I go back I will take a look in those spots. I did try to look as many places as possible even outside the reserve, but just had no luck. It was an interesting place to see bear….maybe the big male you saw was the one with the ear tags in my picture. He was the most relaxed wild bear I have ever seen.

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