• tomeslice

    Awesome report! I’m really jealous.
    But I noticed that in the annotated species list he forgot to add the African Civet, and from my understanding, an additional honey badger sighting.

    • Jon Hall

      Thanks Tomer. Slow day in the office yesterday? 🙂 I let the author know and they will send through a corrected version in due course I guess. Well spotted!

  • tomeslice

    Haha, there’s no office to have a slow day in…
    Remember you’re talking to a college student. (Well a master’s student, but still, it’s like college life all over again. Lol)
    Plus I have a particular interest in tanzania trips, especially ones that saw 9 different servals and a caracal, both of which I missed on my recent trip there 🙁
    Sounds like the extra $$$ for the Indri tour may have been worth it! (though I definitely can’t complain, for several reasons)

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