Chinese Desert/Mountain Cat (Felis bieti) in Sichuan

Michel Watelet from Belgium just wrote to say he’s back from a great trip in Sichuan with 3 friends (trip report to follow) and he saw a Chinese Mountain Cat.

“I found the cat on 04 June 2013 in North Sichuan ( Coordonnées : N33 35.211 E103 08.793 ). The altitude was 3500 m. It was late afternoon around 20 h. Desciption : Pelage was “Sand grey” rather uniform, with some stripes on head and legs. It was stout with a big rounded head, the nose was flat with a withe zone below. Ears was clearly tufts. The tail was big with 3 or 4 black ring a the end, the tip was black.”

Look forward to the trip report.

2013-06-04 13-55-41 b


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