Manzano Mountains Cottontail – RFI

I will be in New Mexico and Arizona over the Labor Day weekend. Does anyone know a good site for Manzano Mountain Cottontail?




  • John Fox


    Did you download the NA guide Vladimir wrote up, I think he mentioned a ski training area or the like. Maybe I read it somewhere else. I think that is the only thing on the mountain.

  • vdinets

    It’s called 4th of July Campground. You have to look in tall coniferous forest above the campground. I haven’t been there since 2004, so an update would be nice. If you don’t see them there, try driving to Sandia Crest. I’ve seen very suspicious-looking rabbits along that road, although the presence of S. cognatus in the Sandias has never been officially confirmed and you’ll have to differentiate them from snowshoe hares. It’s a nice road anyway, with Abert’s squirrel and CO chipmunk.

    • Jon Hall

      Thanks both of you. I do intend to look in both places (I still need to see CO Chipmunks) but just wondered if there are any other sites… Vladimir – were the rabbits common in 2004? And is there a road that runs up above the campsite? cheers jon

      • vdinets

        I don’t remember if there was a road, but you don’t have to go very far. They were not common, I saw only one in one evening, less than 200 m from the campground.

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