Autumn trips

Dear All,

I am in Rhode Island until mid-December. Once I’m done unpacking etc., would be nice to explore the area (everything between NYC and Hudson Bay). If anybody is planning any interesting field trips around here, please let me know. In particular, shouldn’t we organize a trip to Muskeget Island to see beach voles (I’ve heard that it’s possible to find a boat for less than $100) while the weather is still good? Does anybody have any contacts among the marine mammal research community here? A chance to join one of the research trips to The Gully would be great. Northern right whales should still be around for another week or two. I’ll be particularly free November 5-16 (unless something changes), and am considering a trip to Canada to see Labrador collared lemmings and other northern goodies, but I don’t have a good car for this and don’t want to pay for all the fuel expenses by myself – anybody interested? Other ideas I have are a trip to Quebec City on Oct 5-6 for fall colors, and to Niagara Falls in December for gulls etc.

Vladimir Dinets


  • John Fox

    Hey V

    Of course we should try for the Beach Vole! If you can research the ferries and the boat, I’ll drive up there. I want to look for the cottontail at Mash pee, too.

    Driving to Hudson Bay has a lot of appeal, just to say I did it, but would take some planning.

    Anyone else on the right coast up for some mammal trips?

    • vdinets

      I don’t have internet at home until Wednesday, so doing research is a bit difficult. Ferries to Nantucket don’t seem to be a problem, but apparently there are no regular boats to Muskeget; you have to arrange them once you get to Nantucket.
      I think a trip to Hudson Bay could be combined with Algonquin.

      • Jon Hall

        Keep me posted too please. I am pretty committed until December but will try to join if I can on a vole hunt.

        • vdinets

          So far, the only thing I found is that the “slow” ferries to Nantucket are $35-45 round trip. There are also $70-80 “fast” ferries, but they don’t look good for whalewatching along the way. I’ll try calling the local chamber of commerce on Tuesday to find more about the boats to Muskeget. Also, it looks like the voles are partly diurnal from late Sept onwards, and the numbers peak in the fall.

  • John Fox

    It sounds like this is the time to try it, then. The only company I found that talked about Muskeget trips wanted $275, not the end of the world, I guess.

    I have a lot of flexibility, if you two can work out a good time I almost certainly can go.

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