Pere David’s deer

  1. Alexander Coke Smith 9 years ago

    Very cool article. Thanks for sharing. We had the opportunity to see one of the reintroduced semi-wild herds up in Jiangsu province. They’re coming back….

  2. Jon Hall 9 years ago

    Thanks Matt, great article! I have seen them in Woburn too but would love to see them in China someday.

  3. John Fox 9 years ago

    An excellent essay, Matt. Well done.

  4. Author
    mattinidaho 9 years ago

    Thanks gents! Yes, I too would love to see them in China…maybe I’ll get there in the near future…

    • Alexander Coke Smith 9 years ago

      Yes if you come in from Shanghai, it’s a very easy day or overnight trip to the Yancheng herd. I understand there is a bigger herd outside of Beijing as well.

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