A few African antelope pictures sought for a new book

I’ve been contacted by a South African, Willem Frost, who is finalising the manuscript for a book on the Antelopes of Africa. “The purpose is to draw attention to the plight of Africa’s antelopes, the numbers of which are on the decline almost everywhere.”

He needs a few more images to illustrate the book.:

He needs images of:
Ogylby’s duiker – Cephalophus ogylbyi
White-legged duiker – Cephalophus ogilbyi crusalbum
Brooke’s duiker – Cephalophus brookei
Gabon duiker (also known as white-bellied duiker) – Cephalophus leucogaster
Kafue lechwe – Kobus leche kafuensis

Can anyone help? Willem says that it goes without saying that you will retain copyright and will get credit for each photo used in the book.




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