Ultra-long California pelagic trip, 2014

I am in contact with a Monterey-based whalewatching operator who is considering an overnight pelagic trip sometime next summer/fall. He needs more people to express interest before scheduling it. Any potential participants? I’ve been in that area of the ocean a few times before and got a few spp. of beaked whales, although they are far from guaranteed. A long list of other stuff is possible, especially if you combine it with a conventional half-day trip (on a good day you can see dozens of blues and humpbacks, thousands of dolphins, etc., etc.)

Vladimir Dinets

  1. Jon Hall 9 years ago

    Yes I am interested, depending on the dates. October and August could be good for me. September might be trickier

  2. John Fox 9 years ago

    I am interested too, I’ve never been out of Monterrey.

    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 9 years ago

      They are now officially campaigning to be declared “Whalewatching capital of the World” 🙂

  3. Floyd E. Hayes 9 years ago

    Be sure and advertise the trip on the Calbirds Yahoo listserve to attract the attention of birders.

    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 9 years ago

      I’ll tell the tour operator. Seabirds listserve is also good.

  4. Alan 9 years ago

    Possible interest here as well depending on dates.


  5. Cantonucci 9 years ago

    Vladimir- if they end up doing one the last week of July can you shoot me an email or message? I’ll be in California already and might be able to make that work!

    • Author
      vdinets 9 years ago

      You mean, precisely on the last week of July?

      • Cantonucci 9 years ago

        When I get back to San Diego tomorrow night my friend has the dates, I’ll let you know!

  6. morganchurchill 9 years ago

    I might be interested, but my finances and where I will be living after May are pretty up in the air right now!

    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 9 years ago

      all I can say is that ww trips are much cheaper on the West Coast than on the Atlantic side…

  7. Jon Hall 8 years ago

    Vladimir, any news on a date for this? cheers Jon

    • Author
      vdinets 8 years ago

      Not that I know of, but I’ll ask.

    • Author
      vdinets 8 years ago

      August 19 and August 24.
      I also have a question. When you went to that place in the French Pyrenees with chamois and marmots, did you choose it because it’s particularly good, or just randomly?

  8. Jon Hall 8 years ago

    Just random… it was a non mammal vacation (can you imagine!)

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