Polar Vortex and Other Stuff

Here’s a blog today about certain wildlife species most likely to be affected by the polar vortex.

In the blog, I mention Vladimir Dinets’ new book, Dragon Songs. It isn’t a mammal book, but it is by one of our own mammal watchers, so I’ll plug it here. Simply: it is a great and fun book that you should read. It is about his research on the communication of alligators and other crocodilians, a very interesting bit of research. But it’s more.

Vladimir’s life seems more like something out of a Victorian-era adventure story than a modern PhD program. He has some truly wacky field experiences and the one liners are fantastic. I’d quote them but I’m planning a full blog review later this month. And there’s plenty of great mammals along the way. So: buy the book.

Finally, here’s another blog I wrote this week on spotting jaguars. I know most of you know this info, but feel free to post additional advice on where to see jaguars on Cool Green Science.

Happy new year.
Matt Miller

  1. Mike Richardson 9 years ago

    I’ve got to agree with Matt about Vladimir’s book, it’s a fantastic read! There’s plenty of mammals mentioned although personally I find crocodilians almost as fascinating. I would definitely recommend the book to readers of this blog and anyone else with an interest in travel and/or natural history.

  2. Vladimir Dinets 9 years ago

    Thanks a lot! Accidentally, I also like the book, although I wish the size limits were less strict and more non-crocodilian stuff could be included 🙂

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