Seeking records of some Genets and a Linsang

Hi, Will Duckworth from the IUCN’s small carnivore group got in touch to see what we all know about the following species. I don’t know much was my answer but offered to ask if anyone has seen – or is aware of sightings of – the following species. Apparently they are up for IUCN review quite soon and more information would be useful.

Water Genet /Genetta piscivora/

Three ordinary genets: /Genetta victoriae/, /Genetta abyssinica/ and /Genetta poensis/

One of the oyans (African ‘linsangs’): /Poiana leightoni/


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  • vdinets

    I’ve seen G. abyssinica in Bale Mts. NP, Ethiopia (above the park headquarters) in February 2009. My only sighting of G. victoriae has been published (see below), I can send a PDF if needed. G. piscivorus is probably on my 20 Most Wanted list, or somewhere close… haven’t seen the others, either.
    Vladimir Dinets

    Dinets V. 2011. First sighting of the Giant genet (Genetta victoriae) in Rwanda. Small Carnivore Conservation 44: 25-26.

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