Pygmy Rabbits

Despite spending a lot of time in sagebrush country, I had never seen a pygmy rabbit. Mammal watcher Dave Robichaud, who found me through this site, stopped in Idaho recently to see Idaho and Piute ground squirrels. He told me of a site in southwest Wyoming where he had good luck with pygmy rabbits: Fossil Butte National Monument.

I visited over the July 4 holiday weekend, and found the pygmy rabbits easily. It’s a great national monument. We saw a lot of other wildlife including pronghorn, white-tailed prairie dog, Wyoming ground squirrel, white-tailed jackrabbit, sage grouse, sage thrasher, etc.And there were few people visiting, even on the holiday weekend, so we often had hiking trails to ourselves.

I wrote a full blog about Fossil Butte and pygmy rabbits here: Pygmy Rabbit Quest

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