Fascinating post on Amazon short-eared dogs

  1. mattinidaho 8 years ago

    Great story, and great animal. Has anyone out there in Mammal Watching land ever seen one? Vladimir?

    • vdinets 8 years ago

      Yes, in Manu in 1985. But it was such a lousy sighting that I’m not 100% sure it wasn’t a tayra.

  2. geomalia 8 years ago

    Here are several trip reports with Short-eared Dog: http://mammalwatching.com/Neotropical/neotropicbrazil.html. Bush Dog is even harder to see, but at least one trip report includes it (one sighting in four months): http://mammalwatching.com/Neotropical/Otherreports/TBY%20PERU%20MAMMALS%20-%20Sept.%202007.doc.

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