• BOMPAR Jean-Michel

    Dear Vladimir,
    some informations about your observations of bats.
    Regarding last genetic studies, the only “Myotis nattereri” in South of Spain is Myotis escalerai (cf. Puechmaille S.J. & al. 2012 : Genetic analyses reveal further criptyc lineages within the Myotis nattereri species complex. in Mammalian Biology 77 (2012) : 224-228.).
    Furthermore, there is NO Mehely HorseshoeBat in France. Two years ago we suspected a small colony near Bezier but it was a mystake.
    Your faithfully
    Jean-Michel Bompar

  • vdinets

    Dear Jean-Michel,
    Thank you! I could have misidentified the horseshoe bats: my camera flash didn’t work. If you’d like to see the photos, please send me your email. Mine is dinets at gmail.com

  • vdinets

    So, the bats in d’Orlu were Lesser Horseshoes, not Mehely’s. Thanks to Jean-Michel for IDing them.

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