RFI: Porcupines in Italy (again)

I’ve asked this before – here and here – but I continue to fail dismally at finding Porcupines in Italy. So I will ask again just in case there is any new info. I will be in Italy in mid September and should have a couple of nights to look for them. Can anyone recommend really good spots to search? I will be in Turin until the weekend but realise I will have to travel from there, so am thinking of trying Recanati (which Luca Peruzzi recommended) but where Mike Richardson failed to see them this year, unless there are other options…




  • Stefanie

    I’ve only heard of procupines on the property of Agriturismo San Carlo near Pomarance. They have a website, maybe you can drop them an email.

    I also found this video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqf_SZTF0Wc&list=PL626EE87276734D2C It’s of another property and they had a porcupine, but it’s not clear whether it was captive or not but I think it must be…

    This one’s pretty nice too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGEbiqMsQi4

    And maybe the one who posted this video hold the holy grail

    • brugiere domiique

      I have never looked for Porcupine in Italy. But in 2010 as I was looking by night for salamanders in a small gorge of a river running south east of Vergemoli (Tuscany) I found a Porcupine’s quill.

    • davide palumbo

      Hi, here where i live (northern apennines, between Bologna and Firenze) porcupines are common enough, but not easily seen except with camera traps. I could say that, in a couple of hours spent spotlighting, chances are around 20% or less. Much more common in southern Tuscany.

  • mauricetijm

    Hi Jon, Kirsten and I visited Italy this summer (Wolf and Brown Bear in Abruzzo). We followed Vladimir Dinet’s tip and visited Calanchi d’Atri for the Porcupine. We visited the place during the day to check out its potential but couldn’t come back at night. I found the area very promising because the small dirt roads through this quite natural area( mix of woods and agriculture) are definitely quiet (a rarity in italy) and the habitat very diverse. I would obt to walk the valley on foot. But I can imagine this reserve near Atri is a little out of the way.

  • Jon Hall

    Dear all, just to let you know I saw a porcupine last night in Maremma regional park, in western Tuscany on the advice of Emiliano Mori, who connected to me via Paolo Taranto, who I first contacted on the advice of Charles Foley. Yay for the mammal watching web! A trip report will follow but it seems Maremma is a good spot if you are looking for this animal


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