New Trip Report – Sabah

A great report form Paul Carter & Jo Dale, 23 days & 56 species including Tarsier, Banded Linsang, Banded Palm Civet, Malayan Weasel and Malayan Slit-faced Bat.

Incidentally Paul told me that he linked up with Jo after looking for companions on this blog. So please do everyone use it to advertise trips you’d like to make and want company for.



  • mauricetijm

    Great sightings. Wish I had known about these Tarsiers. Is Binturong still seen in DVFC. Does anyone know of any other good locations for this fantastic civet?

  • Jon Hall

    I’ve seen Binturong in Thailand several times. Fruiting figs in Khao Yai NP are one good place (though I always missed them there) but I have seen them elsewhere including several in the same tree in the wonderful Hala Bala NP. Check out my thailand pages for more details


  • Stefanie

    We missed the binturong at DVFC but we saw one crossing the road that leads to Taman Negara NP in Malaysia. It was a very cool encounter. We immediately saw that it was a large animal with a really long tail on the road. As we approached, the animal turned around and crossed the road right in front of our car. He stopped right in the headlights, raised on his hind legs to sniff the air and then ran off into the bushes! Unfortunately we don’t have any really good pictures as Tim’s camera was still focused on a further distance from trying to get a photo of a leopard cat a bit before and he forgot to put it on autofocus, but still, our blurry pics are a nice souvenir of this animal with a large *wow* factor.

    We saw the animal on 4/06/2013 at 2.30am on the road between the Taman Negara airport and the town Kuala Tahan.


  • mauricetijm

    Jon I must have read every single report on this website so I am perfectly aware of your excellent Binturong sightings. Hala Bala must be wonderful. Great to hear about your Binturong in Peninsular Malaysia Stefanie, it does not appears to be often reported from the peninsula. A crawl on confirms that Danum Valley and Khao Yai NP still more or less provide the majority of the reported sightings. Having said that, there should be other places in Sarawak, Thailand Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia etc. that should be good for this species?

  • Richard Webb

    I’ve also seen Binturong at Way Kambas in Sumatra and in Kaeng Krachaan in Thailand both great places for mammals.


  • Matt Strimas-Mackey

    I just got back from a month of fieldwork at Danum and, yes, Binturong were seen occasionally on night drives there. I only saw one, but I recall tourists reporting seeing them maybe 3-4 times over the course of the month.

  • kittykat23uk

    It was a pretty epic trip, that’s for sure. Binturong were seen a day or two before we arrived at DVFC. If anyone wants to view my photo set on flickr here is a link:

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