New Trip Report – Sichuan

A second – great – trip report from Sjef Ollers.

Sichuan, 2014: Sjef Ollers, 2 weeks & 22+ species including Chinese Desert Cat, Forest Musk Deer, Hog Badger and Serow.

I’m particularly jealous of his Musk Deer and remember he also saw an Alpine Musk Deer when he was back in China a few months after this report … 2 species of Musk Deer in a few months. Pffff….



  • vdinets

    In Solo Khumbu Valley of Nepal you can see at least 2 spp. of musk deer in three days (even in one day if you are fast and lucky).

  • kittykat23uk

    We had the same confusion with a cat at night in Ruoergai. Our guide was initially convinced it was Pallas’s, I think there is a strong bias towards Pallas’s because of the high expectation of finding one in the area. But, like your sighting, our cat had distinctive pointy ears. After discussion the following morning we agreed it must have been Chinese Desert Cat. So it’s really enlightening to read your observations on your own ID and that was during the daytime, ours was spotlit at quite some distance.



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