New Trip Report – Uganda

Happy new year everyone. I have a few reports to upload and will do so over the coming days.

Here’s the first one, from Richard Webb

Uganda, 2014: 2 weeks & 50 species including Uganda Crested Mangabey, Marsh Mongoose, Forest Elephant, African Palm Civet and 5 Galago species.



  • vdinets

    Nice trip! But I don’t think there are forest elephants in Uganda. The eastern limit is uncertain as there is a broad intergradation zone, but Kibale elephants are typical savanna elephants, even if they live in a forest.

    • Richard Webb

      Thanks Vladimir. I meant to add a note re this. As you say there is a broad zone of uncertainty and MoA treats the eastern range of cyclotis as further west than Uganda. However there is a recent paper, I will try to find the reference, that suggests the range actually extends into Western Uganda. Not that it means much but the Kibale animals are small and do look far more like the Forest Elephants of Gabon and to be honest even the Pygmy elephants of Borneo than Savanna Elephants. Richard

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